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The temperature outside was an unfathomable 3461 degrees Celsius, or at least that’s what the information screen mounted at the end of my train car told me. Of course, minutes earlier the display had read -1340 degrees C, so either I was on the surface of Mercury or the device wasn’t to be trusted.

Regardless, the train was a welcome respite from the blazing heat I had experienced the preceding days as I had wandered the surprisingly Western looking streets of Beijing.

I had been in China for only three (3) days and while I quickly had become adept at dodging the ridiculously overpriced tea girls wandering the streets, I had yet to see anything that I would consider distinctly Chinese, or better yet, distinctly communist.

While my experience in rural China would be much different, what I discovered in the metropolitan hubs was nothing like what I had expected: Cultural seclusion had morphed into uncritical cultural adoption, a feeling of communist camaraderie had turned into egotistical self-interest, and the self-titled beacon of communism in the world had, as a matter of fact, become quite capitalistic.

In fact, as one particularly insightful guide had quipped during a tour of the Forbidden City, “the Forbidden City,” indeed much of China, I discovered, “…not so forbidden anymore.”



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Since the People’s Republic of China entered into Tibet over 60 years ago, the communist country has faced one particular lingering issue, one that it simply can’t get control of. You see, the problem for China since its “liberation” of Tibet is that the picturesque Land of Snow nestled amongst the towering Himalayan mountains has been, unfortunately for the Chinese government, filled with Tibetans.

For years the Chinese government has tried everything it can think of to placate the Tibetan masses. They’ve tried oppressing them, killing them, humiliating them, and forcing their politico-spiritual leaders into exile, but strangely none of those tried and true methods of winning the hearts and minds of a conquered peoples has seemed to work.

However, in recent years the Chinese government has instituted a different solution to the Tibetan question, an approach that is deviously simple and devastatingly effective…they’re breeding them out.


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